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All parents have 'too much to do', but especially homeschool parents who are personally responsible for the education and future of their children. Between chores, errands, meals, work, family and school, how are we supposed to get it all done?

Parents of six, homeschoolers since 2002, worldschooling family since 2007, travelers, bloggers, mentors and entrepreneurs, Greg and Rachel Denning share their time and energy secrets for 'getting it all done.'

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Greg Denning was out on his own at the age of sixteen. The following years were tough, with hard life lessons about what matters and what doesn't, and how to create a life worth living. With grit and a clear vision of the life he wanted to build, Greg was able to graduate college, serve a mission for his church and marry the woman of his dreams. Together they have six incredible children, whom they homeschool and have traveled with to seventeen countries (and counting); worked with leprosy affected in India; started a non-profit organization teaching self-reliance principles in Guatemala; explored beaches and ruins in Mexico and Central America; and driven overland from Alaska to Panama. The Dennings are always on the lookout for a new escapade, are incredibly passionate about education and believe raising a family is the greatest adventure in the world. They currently live in Germany, and are enroute to Morroco.

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