Home Education Council of America (HECOA) facilitates resources for home educators across America to help you with practical training, planning your homeschool, transcripts and record keeping, networking, social activities, uplifting support, and more. Home educators need a strong unified organization, made up of individuals who are willing to incorporate good strong traditional family values with new ideas and take home education to new heights. We work with parents to help them understand all the educational options available to them, so they can make the best choice for their family. HECOA serves a diverse community of different faiths, beliefs, and backgrounds. WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY GOVERNMENT SCHOOL OR PUBLICLY FUNDED PROGRAMS OR GRANTS.  We do not provide support for online public or private schools, common core, or other government funded programs outside of helping parents to understand how to transition away from them.

Mission Statement:

Home Education Council of America will play a vital role in helping home educators personalize educational success for their children. We will accomplish this by exposing to parents the vast opportunities available to them to nurture creativity, innovation, individuality, and academic experiences. We assist groups and organizational leaders in strengthening home education programs and optional resources in their local areas.

Through various opportunities, parents and group leaders will be able to unite across county and state lines for the common cause of promoting more quality academic choices for home educators, and networking for all to participate in. Group leaders are encouraged to get involved. Networking and leadership are priorities to accomplishing the goals set forth. Please join today!


Those interested in directing this organization by serving on a board or committee are encouraged to step forward and volunteer. Help meet the goal to have representation from every state and province.


Home Education Council of America is funded solely through upgraded memberships and training programs. We do not participate in paid reviews, or earn from affiliate links or paid advertising on our site - with the exception of special events which may incur costs for the organization that our membership cannot sustain. When this is done, vendor pages are kept separate from posts. This way, you know that none of our posts are biased toward vendors.

The following mentors have either spoken for us or are on our panel to speak in the current year:


Andrew Pudewa
Institute for Excellence in Writing
Dr. Shanon Brooks
President, Monticello College
Donna Goff
Mentoring Our Own
Dianne McLean
Ian Cox
Leadership Mentor
Steven Spivey
Writing Express
Steve Demme
Math U See
Diana Waring
Dr. Jay Wile
Tresta Kay Neil
Keystone Education
SJ Barakony
Service Before Self Leadership
Maria O'Neil
Special Needs
Matthew Blackwood
Unlock Math
Jim Weiss
Master Storyteller
Pat Hade
Social Student Athletes
Marlene Peterson
Libraries of Hope
Lynn Dean
Hands On Homeschool Resources
Kim Hoyer
Factor X Solutions
Nancy Fileccia
A Journey Through Learning
Jean Burk
College Prep Genius
Israel Wayne
Family Renewal
Greg and Rachel Denning
Worldschool Academy
Kevin Strong
Real Life Advantage
Thom Neil
Keystone Education
Rachel DeMille
Thomas Jefferson Education
Oliver DeMille
Thomas Jefferson Education
Dr. Maria Droujkova
Natural Math
Alesia Blackwood
Unlock Math
Audrey Rindlisbacher
Ten Boom Institute
Julie Bogart
Dale and Michelle Bartlett
Have Kids Will Travel
Debi Tonks
Domestic Ninja
John Notgrass
Notgrass Curriculum
Charlene Notgrass
Notgrass Curriculum
Ray Notgrass
Notgrass Curriculum
Chris Yust
Homeschool Programming
Christopher Hurtado
Linguistic Solutions
Leslie Josel
Order Out of Chaos
Tina Hollenbeck
Homeschool Roadmap
Dr. Sanford Danziger
Dr. Rebecca Keller
Real Science 4 Kids
Donna Ashton
Waldorf Education
Edna Latone
Edna's Homeschool Help
Kathy Lee
Homegrown Preschool
Shiloah Baker
Homemaking Cottage
Mary Ann Johnson
Home School Coach
Donna Vail
Live Learn Love More
Ethan Demme
Math U See
Karen Campbell
That Mom
Brian R. King
ADHD Specialist
Heidi Totten
Inspire the Sprouts
Jacqueline Smith
History Specialist
Heather Laurie
Special Needs Homeschooling
Julie Matthews
Patrick Nurre
Geology Specialist
Lesli Richards
Homegrown Preschool
Candy Matheny
Jenny Layton
Professional Organizer
Martha Levie
Shelby Smith
Kathy Kuhl
Learn Differently
Carrie Andrews
Special Needs
Samantha Barnes
Raddish Kids
Nicholeen Peck
Teaching Self Government
Carol Gary
The Balanced Homeschooler
Dr. William B. Spivey
Writing Express
Kathleen Cotter Lawler
Right Start Math
JoQueta Handy
Brilliant Learning Online
Jube Dankworth
Texas Home Educators
Brook Wayne
Family Renewal
Lynne White
Rachel Keppner
Linda Lacour Hobar
The Mystery of History
Blaine and Audrey Rindlisbacher
Adore Your Spouse
Joseph Hoffman
Hoffman Academy

Check back often as we add more amazing mentors throughout the year!