Balancing Business and Homeschool

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Running a business while homeschooling requires some serious time management! Are tough economic times forcing your family to re-evaluate homeschooling? Are you someone who is facing the difficulty of deciding to take on work at home, or looking for some ideas on how to supplement your income, and you can't seem to balance it all while educating your kids at the same time? Perhaps you are thinking you are going to have to send your kids back to school in order to focus on the income? Stop beating yourself up – you CAN work at home while educating your children. Heidi has created a system that allows her to manage both, and is now teaching that system to other homeschooling families. In this webinar, Heidi is going to reveal to you some genuine ideas for working at home (which are not MLM's), setting up the work environment, and achieving that balance so that you can still keep your kids at home and provide them the top notch education and safe haven you want for them.

More about Heidi Totten:

Heidi Totten is the owner of Heidi Totten Consulting and a serial entrepreneur, but her main role is homeschooling her two children, ages 8 and 11. She first felt the pull to homeschool when her son was born, but in 2007 helped start a charter school where her children attended for a couple of years until the pull was too strong. They began their homeschool journey in early 2012 and haven't looked back.,

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