Character Infusion

Presentation by Tresta and Thom Neil

Making any moment outrageously fun! This is a Christian-based presentation for teens.

                * Learn body language to become confident and charismatic

                * Recognize good examples in people (real & fictional) around you

                * Infuse positive character traits with the natural you

                * Create your own “Joie de Vivre”!

This presentation was broadcast on June 9, 2015 during the 2015 National Home Education e-Conference.  This is part of our TEEN TRACK.

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Note:  Due to copyright infringement, there is a portion of the video below that has been clipped out. We also cannot protect this video or hide it. 



More about Thom and Tresta Neil

Thom and Tresta Neil are happy parents of eight wonderful children. We met while working at a nursing home in Provo, Utah. Thom is from New Hampshire and served a mission for his church in Italy. Tresta is from New Mexico and served her mission in the Netherlands. Thom waited for Tresta as she served and were married shortly after her return. After they had their first four children, in 4 1/2 years, Thom brought up his desire to homeschool. Tresta thought he was mad! After much persuading she decided to try it and has never looked back! Together they are the owners of Keystone Education and the directors of a popular Homeschool Conference in Utah. They are sought after presenters. They both have a unique resumes: Thom delivered half a dozen sets of twins as a teenager and Tresta sat on a cactus and was involved in grand theft auto.

You can connect with Tresta and Thom Neil at:​

More presentations we have in our archives by the Neils:

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heather flexman says

I loved Trista and Thom Neil!  What beautiful people!!

Elaine Larsen says

I was unable to see the second video clip it didn't play it was skipped right over. How Can I veiw this?

    HECOA says

    In red letters above the video, there is an explanation for this Elaine.  The speakers played a copyrighted video clip into their presentation.  HECOA is not permitted to play this video on our site. You can email the speakers and ask them for the link, but we were instructed by Youtube that we cannot embed that video on our site.

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