Coming Face to Face With Greatness

Coming Face to Face with Greatness - 
Give your unique children a classical, leadership education and still have time for your own socialization.  Get off the conveyor belt and give your children a well-rounded education based on the classics and the stages of learning and development.

This is a 4 part workshop that will include the following:

  • Day 1- Setting the Foundation.  It’s never too late to set a foundation no matter when you start homeschooling or how old your children are.  Also included: the importance of keeping a vision, read aloud bonanza, and the importance of teaching from the classics.
  • Day 2- Core Phase Learning.  We all have to start somewhere.  How to give your children a good core phase education.  This is for children roughly the ages 0-8 and any other children that need a better foundation.
  • Day 3- Love of Learning Phase.  How to inspire and teach your children in the inquisitive stage of learning and how to keep these kids going when they burn out.  How to individualize each child’s education no matter how many children you have. 
  • Day 4- Scholar Phase, otherwise known as “high school”.  This is my favorite part of homeschool - the scholar phase.  How mentor meetings, classic books, learning & living your mission are key ingredients in a successful scholar phase.  Even if you have young children, it is a good idea to know where you want to be with them eventually.

If you want to raise leaders, have more than one child, and need inspiration this workshop is for you!

More about Shiloah Baker

Shiloah Baker is married to Ben and they are the proud parents of ten children. She lives abroad with her family as her husband serves in the US Army. She’s been homeschooling for nine years and she considers these years to be some of the most rewarding years of motherhood. She is the owner of Homemaking Cottage & Company since 1998 where she gives hope, inspiration, tips, and valuable information to homemakers around the globe through an online subscription emagazine.

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