Create A Family Passion for Reading

Presentation by Shiloah Baker 

Tired of pulling your hair out with trying to get your kids to read more?  Need inspiration on how to get your family to enjoy reading time?  What about good books to read for various ages?  Readers become leaders.  Help is here for turning your family into lovers of books and reading and making it fun, intellectually stimulating, and memorable for all with everyone surviving to reap the benefits  

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More about Shiloah Baker

Shiloah Baker is married to Ben and they are the proud parents of ten children. She lives abroad with her family as her husband serves in the US Army. She’s been homeschooling for nine years and she considers these years to be some of the most rewarding years of motherhood. She is the owner of Homemaking Cottage & Company since 1998 where she gives hope, inspiration, tips, and valuable information to homemakers around the globe through an online subscription emagazine.

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