Ditch Grade Levels -

Teach Mastery Instead! 

Yes! Find out How...

With Dianne McLean



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What You'll Learn on the Webinar:

  1. How to give your child an academic advantage, by stepping outside the paradigm of grade levels.
  2. We will use two subjects - math and language arts - to demonstrate how to customize an education for your child which focuses on mastery.
  3. How to get mastery on the records so that you are still complying with your local homeschool requirements of "180 days".
  4. You can leverage this with or without any curriculum, for any child. Special needs, gifted, and "regular" kids all benefit from this method.
  5. How to never say "my child is behind" again!

Stop wasting time and money.  Learn the truth, leverage it, and let your child succeed!

*This webinar was opened up for free members for a short time, and is now part of our Plus Gold membership