Family Chunk Clock

The Family Chunk Clock - 
Do life’s distractions get YOU off schedule? Why don’t lists and schedules work for most families?  The family chunk clock is unique because it is organized around tasks rather time. It works because it doesn’t matter if you get up late, have an emergency phone call after breakfast or just want the day off! It is powerful because it is a system designed to help you RETURN when you get off course. It works because it is about how your family time feels rather than ticking off a list of tasks.  This class will introduce you to a new, highly effective way to look at time management in a busy family.

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Mary Ann Johnson is passionate about families. She is a speaker, trainer, workshop leader and writer for parents who have chosen to home or public educate their children. She has seven grown children, a dozen grandchildren, is the founder of four businesses and is the creator of The Spark Station and Rockin’ Spark Station Packets. Mary Ann teaches parents how to order themselves so they can order their families, to experience more fun, inspired learning, connection and joy.  Mary Ann is currently the CEO of Home School Coach LLC and Family Connection Mentoring. Mary Ann has her masters degree in education, and has worked with thousands of children over a 40 year span and hundreds of home and public school families. You can connect with Mary Ann at:

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