This workshop was taught in the 2015 Not Back to School Summit

Field trips are essential to homeschooling, and yet many homeschoolers don't prioritize this one component. Incorporating field trips will help your children to learn deeper and develop the skill to learn anywhere at any time. My family set aside one day a week for field trips, and it made an amazing difference in our homeschool. We did half day field trips, full day field trips, and even week-long field trips, all on a regular basis and didn't leave anything important out of our children's education. As a matter of fact, it enhanced their education in ways that we never dreamed possible! In this workshop, I will teach you how to leverage field trips for nearly every subject. You will also learn how to prioritize them into a very busy homeschool schedule and how to mark them off as recorded lesson components if you are required to report in your state. And I will share with you how you can do it for free or very low cost.

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