Financial Freedom Creates Political Autonomy

Financial Freedom Creates Political Autonomy - 
We will help you understand the banking system, money, and basic financial literacy.  Recognizing how wealth is created and what you can personally do to increase your own wealth with simple tools.  Know the difference between hard assets and paper (or electronic) money.  Learn how to change your thinking to an abundance mentality.  We will take a brief look at mortgages in America, and how another country saves their citizens hundreds of thousands by law, and how you can do that in America.  You will walk away from this class knowing more, and will begin to create a plan for your family.  

More about Jacqueline Smith:

Jacqueline Smith is mother to 5 beautiful children, and currently homeschools her youngest four children. The family raises pigs, chickens, and has a bee hive on their property. Her main focus is raising her children, serving in her church and community, and raising awareness of Constitutional principles through education.

She is an expert in the Cycles of History and generational patterns. She believes that if people understand where we are in history, they will step up to the plate and be part of the solution. This is our crisis and we can create a great new founding. She looks forward to watching the new HERO generation rise up and do the right thing. We only get one chance in every life-time to make a difference. This is her time. She and her husband believe that freedom can win with enough like-minded educated individuals on board.

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