HECOA Technical Help


This page addresses the most common technical issues for users of the HECOA website.  Of course, if you cannot find the answer to your issue here, please do not hesitate to contact us via email.  Simply respond to any email we have sent you and it will get to the right place.

Logging In and Accessing Your Account

If you have trouble logging in, please watch the video below or email us and we can help you.

Videos Will Not Play

If you have trouble getting a video to play, try switching browsers.

How to Access a Live Event

Please locate your event under the "Our Events" tab at the top, or watch this video.

Not receiving HECOA emails

If you did not get the confirmation email or are not receiving our emails, it is one of these two issues.

I upgraded, but unable to access Plus

If you upgraded to Plus, but you are still showing as a Free/Basic member, watch this video.


If none of these questions/answers fixed your problem, please email us:  seminars (at) hecoa (dot com)

Please understand that we will NOT be able to answer you when we are introducing a speaker or conducting a live session.  Be patient.  It's a good idea to email us before your session begins.