High Functioning on the Spectrum


Monthly Speaker Series - July 2015 Speaker

Carrie Andrews - July 14th 2015

Carrie Andrews Carrie Andrews is a mother and mentor who has helped many people for nearly a decade in homeschooling children on the Autism Spectrum, particularly those who are high functioning and who are dealing with a variety of diagnoses. Her experience and wisdom is encouraging and her tips and techniques are like no other.  What Carrie shares is from the heart, and from real life, down-to-earth experiences that you won't find in a therapist's office.  She knows what it is like to have a child who is high functioning, and her techniques worked to help her child transition into a successful, independent adult. 

Carrie's Topic:   “What Does it Mean to Have a Child Who is High-Functioning on the Spectrum?”

Presentation plus a Roundtable discussion!

If you have met one spectrum kid, you have met ONE spectrum kid!  

Autism and has many faces on the spectrum.  In this eye-opening and heart-felt presentation, Carrie Andrews will share what exactly "high functioning" means.  She will share techniques with you that you can use right away and avoid common educational stumbling blocks.  She will answer the question:  Are they all prodigies? And finally, straddling the line between the spectrum and neuro-typical.

After Carrie's short presentation, parents were invited to share techniques, questions, and issues in an open Roundtable type of discussion.  If you have ever wanted to just pick the brain of a homeschool parent who is dealing with something similar to you, then this is the time to do it!

NOTE:  This particular recording is an audio recording, not video.

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