Homeschooling Through High School and Beyond Course

Many parents struggle with the thought of homeschooling through high school, especially the part about preparing their child for college and the "real world".

At HECOA, we help thousands of homeschoolers every year with this very topic.  We host various webinars and seminars online, and we also have a complete course titled: High School and Beyond.  The course is comprised of 12 modules, each includes a training video from 30-60 minutes long, which details step-by-step how to plan for the high school and college years.  There are additional modules and video training being added to the course weekly, and it now comprises about 16 hours of self-paced training!! You can also move around in the modules, so you don't have to do them in order.

It is highly valuable to any homeschooler, and we suggest that parents begin taking this course when their children are at the 5th grade level, specifically because of the option which we explain about skipping middle school. In addition to the advantage that we teach about skipping middle school, we also teach you how to leverage early college credits, how to pay for them, and how to use them to get into upper level colleges and universities.

When we thought about what to charge for this amazing course - we looked at competitive publishers.  Most competitive sites charge anywhere from $100 to $200 for just ONE of the modules that we cover in this course. Most homeschoolers cannot afford to complete every module at those price points.  Even one module is difficult and we understand that.

That is why we made the entire course - all 12 modules - available for FREE to our Plus Gold members!!

This is about offering you an extremely valuable service that will take your child from 6th grade to college. Yes, I said SIXTH grade! Many parents wait until 9th grade to start planning high school and college. You and your child will have so much pressure taken off of your plate and the experience will be so much more academically advantageous and FUN if you start earlier.

To find out what is included in the 12 module course, and understand the three most important things you must have in place before homeschooling through high school, VISIT THIS LINK.

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camille apicella says

Hi diane

love all the info. It has been so helpful!

but there is one problem that has been driving me crazy! I signed up for homeschooling through high school program, but I can never get to it. There is no link and I have been going around for hours. Please create a button under events for the program. 

God Bless 😉


    HECOA says

    This isn’t an event, it is training.  So it is found under the Toolbox 🙂

Jana Cannon says

How do I sign up? I am already a plus member, but I couldn’t find it in the toolbox. Is it under seminars?

    Jana Cannon says

    Never mind. It’s there under the training when you first click on the toolbox tab.

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