How Christianity Changed World History

How Christianity Changed World History  -  
It's so obvious that we often miss it. People who follow Jesus have been changing the world for good for almost two thousand years. As Jesus changes us and changes our relationship with God, He leads us to live differently and to see the world and other people differently. Ray Notgrass surveys how people following the way of Christ have impacted the world's perceptions of morality, the value of children, business, labor, helping the poor, politics, and other areas of human society.


Ray Notgrass

Ray Notgrass holds a bachelor's degree in history and master's degrees in history and religion.  He is the author of homeschool curricula for high school students:  Exploring America, Exploring World History, Exploring Government, and Exploring Economics.  Ray and his wife, Charlene, homeschooled their children and are now enjoying their role as grandparents.  They live in Middle Tennessee. 

The Notgrass Family:

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