How to Beat the Falling Behind Cycle

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December 6, 2016 - Special Needs Conference

What do you do when someone tells you that your special needs child is "behind"? We beat ourselves up every day trying to shake this, and constantly compare our child to others their age who have no diagnosis. In this keynote, you will learn some little known techniques to ditch "catching up", and quickly organize your child's lessons and their day to help them gain confidence and excel far beyond their peers, without adding more work and without leaving out anything important. Learn what to keep and what to skip, and how to leverage the creative ways you teach into the records you need to keep. This method works for all children, no matter how many diagnoses your child has or what the diagnosis is.

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Dianne McLean

Dianne has been homeschooling since 2003. She has worked with thousands of homeschoolers and hundreds of homeschool groups to pioneer social activities, help form group policies with leaders, and participated in issues which affect the homeschool community as a whole. Her approach is always practical and effective. She also specializes in working with middle to high school level groups to help prepare for college entry and is familiar with the latest developments of Common Core and how it is affecting future college students. She directs a national support organization, Home Education Council of America; and has developed numerous other websites to help home educators in their efforts. Dianne has been leading online seminars, webinars, and classes online in an innovative online setting to offer live interaction no matter where you live in the world. You can connect with her at Home Education Council of America.

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