How to Keep Homeschool Afloat with Life Struggles

How to Keep Your School Afloat, While Your Life is Sinking

Presentation by Nancy Fileccia

One thing that all parents who choose to homeschool will eventually encounter is a difficult time in their lives. Life alone is hard. Babies are born, jobs are transferred, finances fall, and kids get sick. But, if you are also teaching a kindergartner to read, a 4th grader multiplication facts, and a 9th grader how to do a first research paper, it can quickly become more than most people can bear. Many times we want to throw up our hands and scream, “Where does my help come from?” During the school year of 2006, Nancy was thrown a whopping curve ball. Her then 8 year old daughter was diagnosed with a terminal brain disease called BATTANS. On top of juggling doctors appointments, hospital stays, and severe depression, she had to ensure that the education of her other children thrived. Several times she considered just giving up and sending them to school. But, she never had peace about it. She knew, that with God’s help, they would find a way. And they did! During Nancy’s talk, she will share with parents how to keep going in rough times. She will give some practical ideas on how to keep your homeschool moving forward, even when everything around you is crashing down.

Nancy Fileccia - A Journey Through Learning

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Nancy Fileccia

Nancy Fileccia is a fifteen-year homeschooling veteran and co-owner of A JourneyThrough Learning lapbooks with her best friend, Paula Winget. They create fun, hands- on learning products for ALL homeschooling families. Nancy loves helping parents enjoy their daily lives with their special kids! Nancy’s oldest daughter, now 21, and in medical school, has Tourette Syndrome and OCD. Her daughter Candace was blind. Instead of dwelling on the things her kids had, her and her husband chose to raise their children to know they could do EVERYTHING! Her motto is, “we do it differently, but we WILL do it!” Nancy and her husband, Rusty, make their home in Shreveport, Louisiana, with their three children. Visit her website at

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