Homeschool Laws and the Effects of the Turpin Family

What is HSLDA doing to protect homeschoolers?

How will this affect the rights of homeschoolers?

How should homeschoolers respond to social criticism resulting from the case?

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Tuesday, Feb 27th at 10am PST 

President of HSLDA, Mike Smith will address the concerns resulting from the recent Turpin Family case.
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More about HSLDA:

The mission of HSLDA is to preserve and advance the fundamental, God-given, constitutional right of parents and others legally responsible for their children to direct their education. In so doing, we rely on two fundamental freedoms—parental rights and religious freedom. We advocate for these freedoms in the courtrooms, before government officials, and in the public arena. Additionally, we assist other educational organizations in similar activities, where possible and appropriate.

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