Joyous Connections: A Master Storyteller’s Secrets for Reaching and Teaching Children with Disabilities and Special Needs

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December 6, 2016 - Special Needs Conference

In this adult seminar, Jim demonstrates how stories and storytelling are a powerful source of life skills and academic content for children and adults with special needs and challenges. Students will learn how experiencing stories profoundly increases learning and retention and improves communication. Jim will also discuss the structure that nearly all stories share, and how to put information into story form.

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Jim Weiss

Jim Weiss and his wife Randy founded Greathall Productions in 1989. Raised by parents who valued literature and history and with the additional influence of grandfathers who loved to tell stories to their grandsons, Jim grew up in the presence of literary and real-life characters in the tradition of oral language.  Jim is a masterful and thoughtful storyteller of whom to date has produced over 50 Greathall recordings featuring classical literature and history, enjoyed by people all over the world.  He is the recipient of more than 100 national awards from prestigious sources, and travels extensively across the United States and Canada presenting at library, school, store and community events; teacher workshops; and his favorite - educational conferences!  Jim and Randy reside in Charlottesville, Virginia and are the ever-proud parents of their daughter and son-in-law.

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