Mind Power Connection

This live presentation will air on:

Thursday - September 15th - 11am Pacific time

This workshop will be taught in the 2016 Not Back to School Summit - REGISTER HERE for live access!

Learn to troubleshoot the mental distractions that keep you from being successful at homeschooling. Learn

* where they come from

* how they affect your brain chemistry

* how they affect your learning

* how to recognize them before they destroy a study session

* how to regain control so you can retain and remember what you study

More about Thom & Tresta Neil:

Thom & Tresta Neil

Thom and Tresta Neil are happy parents of eight wonderful children. We met while working at a nursing home in Provo, Utah. Thom is from New Hampshire and served a mission for his church in Italy. Tresta is from New Mexico and served her mission in the Netherlands. Thom waited for Tresta as she served and were married shortly after her return. After they had their first four children, in 4 1/2 years, Thom brought up his desire to homeschool. Tresta thought he was mad! After much persuading she decided to try it and has never looked back! Together they are the owners of Keystone Education and the directors of a popular Homeschool Conference in Utah. They are sought after presenters. They both have a unique resumes: Thom delivered half a dozen sets of twins as a teenager and Tresta sat on a cactus and was involved in grand theft auto

You can connect with Tresta and Thom Neil at: http://keystoneed.com

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I'm trying to listen to the replay of Tresta and Thom Neil's Mind Power Connection.  I tried yesterday too.  It freezes up every minute or two.  It's the only one I've had trouble with but I really want to hear it!  Is there anything I can do?  Are other people having a hard time with this one?

Never mind.  I finally did get it to work.  Thanks Neils!  Loved it.

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