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HECOA Leaders
Your support team at HECOA

Weds / Sept 20 / 3:00pm PST

Not Back to School Finale and Celebration!

After an exciting two weeks of powerful speakers, let's get together and celebrate!  You will be joined by our support team with some fun surprises to help you feel empowered to kick off your homeschool year with SUCCESS!!  This is YOUR chance to speak, so be sure and join us live.

Dianne McLean
Jen Holmstrom
Kelly Custance
Rachel Keppner
Nicholeen Peck
Teaching Self Government

Weds / Sept 20 / 12:30pm PST

Overcoming the Expectation Trap to Save Your Homeschool Day and Your Relationships

We all have an ideal picture of what we want our days to be like and what we want our relationships to feel like, yet many of those days we don't meet our ideal pictures. Why? What happens? Whose fault is it? And most importantly, what can we do about it? Understanding the power and pitfalls of expectations as well as how to find success in a not so perfect day are some of the lessons that will transform your family and your homeschool.

Kathleen Cotter Lawler
Right Start Math

Weds / Sept 20 / 10am PST

Taking The Fear Out Of Fractions

Do you remember the groans in math class when the word ‘fraction’ was brought up? Well, there is a better and less painful way of teaching fractions! Fractions are, dare I say, fun when they are taught the right way. What’s the right way to teach them? Come and find the beauty and simplicity of fractions.

Carol Gary
The Balanced Homeschooler

Tue / Sept 19 / 3pm PST

How Do I Teach This Kid?

Everywhere a homeschooling mom turns, there seems to be one more book about some flavor of four learning styles. But these existing assessments never seemed to fully help in the Gary household, so Carol developed a list of her own! Is your child one who learns "inside the box" or "outside the box"? Perhaps your student learns while "staring at the box" or even "talking to the box". In Carol's home, all four of these learners (Moving, Structured, Analytical, and Community) are represented as either primary or secondary learning styles, so she has seen it all! Come and learn how you don't need to purchase a separate curriculum for every possible learning style combination. You can employ strategies that will work for each student while keeping your sanity and learning more about your child's uniqueness and areas for development along the way.

Tresta and Thom Neil
Keystone Education

Tue / Sept 19 / 12:30 pm PST

The Principle Effect

There is a lot of talk about principles lately. The word "Principle" is used in many different contexts, but what is the truth? What are principles in homeschooling? Principles are discovered not created. Principles are truths that can be applied to a variety of circumstances including homeschool.  Come and learn:

  • The hierarchy of principles
  • The different types of principles and fun, daily examples
  • The characteristics of principles and how to identify them
  • The application of principles once they are understood
Steve Demme
Math U See

Tue / Sept 19 / 10am PST

Home Education or School at Home?

When we began our journey of teaching our children, we bought little desks at a yard sale. Then we acquired textbooks and taped the alphabet to the walls around our school room. Later we moved to the kitchen table, and finally we discovered education is not recreating a classroom in our home and teaching our sons as a group, but tutoring each child as an individual with unique abilities and tailoring their education to each of them.

Rachel Keppner
YES Shakespeare

Mon / Sept 18 / 3:00pm PST

How (and Why) to Teach Shakespeare in Your Homeschool

Do you want to teach your kids (and maybe learn for yourself) about Shakespeare's works, but feel the subject is too intimidating to teach at home? Or maybe you just don't understand what the big deal is about Shakespeare, and want to know why someone would need to know anything about an old English writer or his plays.

We will cover both subjects in this fun and inspiring class that will help you teach​your own children​about​t​he​famous ​"Bard of Avon​​,​"​ William Shakespeare.

Steve Demme
Math U See

Mon / Sept 18 / 12:30pm PST

Fostering Lifelong Learners

Sandi and I wanted to give our sons a good foundation in language arts and math along with a love for learning. Our vision worked, for each of our sons is a lifelong student and always learning and growing. We catch a fire from someone who has a fire. This workshop will share strategies for encouraging a passion for learning through books, family excursions, and exposing your family to fellow firebrands.

Suzanne Hanks
Bring Art Home

Mon / Sept 18 / 10:00am PST

Easily Integrate Art into Your Homeschool!

Art can be easy to teach! Your homeschool will brighten, and all of your subjects will be enhanced using this a simple method of teaching fine art and art history that integrates into the subjects your children love and into subjects you are already teaching, like science, history, and literature. In this power-packed class, you will learn how to talk to your kids about art and how to give them constructive feedback on their masterpieces. With Suzanne Hanks, you'll also learn why you want to teach the arts and how to add that spice and zest to your homeschool. You will leave with a few art lesson ideas that will energize (and educate) your family.

Ellen Gerwitz
History and Spanish Mentor

Fri / Sept 15 / 3pm PST

How to Finish the 1,000 Piece History Puzzle

Can you imagine trying to understand a novel by reading only portions of chapters in random order? Such an approach would produce a disjointed, confused result. Sadly, the study of history is often conducted in a similar manner. In this seminar, you'll discover how to study history both chronologically and comprehensively using a timeline, the library, and the internet.

SJ Barakony
Service Before Self Leadership

Fri / Sept 15 / 12:30pm PST

The Vast Importance of Soft Skills in Education

Have you ever heard the term "soft skills"? If not, what about "people", "interpersonal" or even "life" skills?  These are all the very same thing. Yet, how many conventional schooling options, whether private, faith based, public/state funded, or community/charter, put much emphasis on these skills, if any at all? As a home educator, you, yes YOU, can and absolutely should!  SJ Barakony, the founder of SBSL, mentor, & family educational advisor, will discuss just how critical this is whether you are a veteran, new, or just considering the option of educating your children/grandchildren at home.

Patrick Nurre
Geology by Northwest Treasures

Fri / Sept 15 / 10am PST

Why You Need to Teach Geology and How

The common approach to teaching Geology is to hit it once, probably in 8th Grade. But Geology is the beginning point of understanding biology, astronomy, paleontology, anthropology, archaeology, and so much more. If we hope to win the battle for our children’s minds in the area of worldview, it is vitally important that we teach geology with the importance that it deserves. This seminar will equip you on how to teach geology effectively, and is presented with a Christian, young Earth perspective.

Diana Waring and Dr. Jay Wile
Veteran Mentors

Thur / Sept 14 / 3pm PST

What We Learned By Homeschooling

Diana Waring and Dr. Jay Wile had very different beginnings in homeschooling. Dr. Wile first learned about homeschooling when he was on the faculty at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. He started experiencing a few science students who were head and shoulders above the rest and found out that they were graduates of home education. At the time, he didn't know anything about homeschooling, but seeing its products made him want to learn. Diana first learned of homeschooling in 1981, when a friend gave her a book about the subject—two months before she had her first child. Though an utter novice to teaching, she discovered experientially that homeschooling is far richer than normal education. This talk shares insights both Dr. Wile and Diana have gleaned through their homeschooling journeys.

Lori Dunlap
Teach Your Own

Thur / Sept 14 / 12:30pm PST

5 College Application Tips for Homeschoolers

For traditional students and non-traditional students alike, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when you are applying to college, demonstrating your academic ability is the most important part of the process. For non-traditional students like homeschoolers, though, there are other important criteria that admissions officers also look for — things you’ll rarely find on their school’s admissions page. In addition, there are key choices you can make even before you apply that will help your application stand out during the admissions process. So, if you’re beginning to think about applying to college and are wondering what you can do to increase your chances of getting accepted to the schools of your choice, join us for this inspiring, informative session. By the end you will have a list of easy steps you can take immediately, along with a variety of unique ideas for making your application compelling to any admissions officer.

Matthew Blackwood
Unlock Math

Thur / Sept 14 / 10am PST

Prepare Your Children For The Rapidly Changing NEW Economy

We are experiencing the most dramatic changes in the workplace since the Industrial Revolution. The days of graduating high school or college, getting a job, and working there for 40 years before retiring and collecting a pension is already a thing of the past. We are on the brink of a revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. I'll show you how you can prepare your children for this rapidly changing landscape so that they can adapt, innovate, and thrive!

Ian Cox
TJed High

Wed / Sept 13 / 3pm PST

How to get your Youth to Actually STUDY

They will you know. —study, I mean. If the right foundation is laid, with five key pieces that need to be leveraged, your youth will step up to the challenge of getting a great Scholar Phase! Learn how to mentor and empower your youth to pay the price of a great education.

Nicholeen Peck
Teaching Self Government

Wed / Sept 13 / 12:30pm PST

The Not So Known Secret For Homeschool Success

No matter the curriculum or philosophy you are using in your homeschool, there is one thing that could make it all better. I have realized that when parents implement one powerful thing into their home culture, homeschooling becomes way more powerful! When parents and children know this one secret for homeschool success they are happier with homeschool and their family relationships improve as well.

Kathleen Cotter Lawler
Right Start Math

Wed / Sept 13 / 10am PST

Let's Play Math Games!

Are you tired of flashcards? Does your child cry when you give another timed math fact quiz? Are you both beating your head against the wall because your child can’t seem to remember the multiples of 7? This workshop will show you fabulous and effective alternatives to worksheets and flashcards by playing easy and fun math card games. Imagine your kids asking you to practice their math facts more! Come and discover games to help your child learn their math facts.

Jean Burk
College Prep Genius

Tue / Sept 12 / 3pm PST

Secrets to the SCHOLARSHIPS Search!

There are 24 billion dollars worth of scholarships each year. Learn how to find money from the cradle to cap and gown! Discover key words to search for little-known scholarships and find out the key that the library holds to unknown money. No matter how old your child is, you will not want to miss out on the money that is available NOW!

Kim Hoyer
Factor X Solutions

Tue / Sept 12 / 12:30pm PST

Happiness: How to get to cloud 9

Everyone wants to live happier and more fulfilled lives...but did you know that students and parent teachers who are happy while they are teaching and learning generate heightened levels of creativity, increased leadership skills, higher levels of emotional intelligence, improved retention, and better overall academic performance and mental health? In this session, participants will engage in step-by-step proven strategies to increase happiness and reap the rewards. Don't miss this one.

Donna Goff
Mentoring Our Own

Tue / Sept 12 / 10am PST

Educating our Daughters for a Whole life

What are the skills your daughters need for a whole life? Many mothers today do not know because they were not taught themselves, often 3 to 4 generations have passed without whole life skills. Discover what those skills are, and how to re-incorporate them with Mother-Daughter Lost Arts groups.

Rachel DeMille
A Thomas Jefferson Education

Mon / Sept 11 / 3pm PST

Finding Your Homeschool Bliss

There are lots of voices, lots of challenges, lots of opportunities that vie for our attention, and sometimes it's hard to find our groove and know we're on the right track! This empowering presentation will give you practical tips and advice from a seasoned, happy homeschooler on everything from scheduling to home organization to how to stretch your education budget! No, really! I talk fast!

Leave behind your stress and frustration, and join me for an hour of finding your homeschool zen! I'll share with you some secrets that allow you to match it with clarity and purpose that come from knowing you're going to nail it. Namaste!

Joseph Hoffman
Hoffman Academy

Mon / Sept 11 / 12:30pm PST

The Power of Games to Engage the Brain and Accelerate Learning

We know from research and experience that learning sticks best when a student feels appropriately challenged. If the challenge is too easy, boredom sets in and the brain turns off. Too hard, and a child becomes frustrated or confused. Games are a powerful tool for accelerating learning because they allow for flexibility in finding the optimal level of challenge to maximize attention, focus, and motivation. In this presentation, Joseph Hoffman, founder and director of Hoffman Academy, will present tools for how you can use simple, almost-zero-preparation games to help master any subject.

Christopher Hurtado
Linguistic Solutions

Mon / Sept 11 / 10am PST

Getting Your Kids Through the Classics and the Classics Through to Your Kids

Do you have a hard time getting your kids through the Classics? Do you have a hard getting through the Classics yourself? Do you find that even when you do get through them, they don't get through to you? Learn why I ditched the Great Books, how I motivate kids to read the Classics, how I make the classics relevant to kids, and other secrets to getting kids through the classics and the classics through to kids.

Ellen Gerwitz
History and Spanish Mentor

Fri / Sept 8 / 3pm PST

Foreign Languages: Fluency Over Mimicry

If learning a foreign language were as easy as falling off a log, everyone would be fluent in multiple languages. So many homeschoolers fail in their goal to learn a foreign language because they practice mimicry rather than pursuing fluency. In this seminar, you'll learn the difference between the two and discover how successful students achieve fluency.

Tresta Kay Neil
Keystone Education

Fri / Sept 8 / 12:30pm PST

God in Mathematics: The Number Eight

The number EIGHT is the number of renewal. It includes the octagon, octagram, cube and spirals. They represent new beginnings, rebirth, phases of the moon, renewal, and even Islamic patterns.  The number 8 represents the eighth principle of God's word and the symbol of rebirth.  In this presentation, you will learn how eight also testifies of the resurrection of Christ, and learn how to draw an octogram and how it is used in nature. Come and be fascinated with the biblical principles of numbers!

Marlene Peterson
Libraries of Hope

Fri / Sept 8 / 10am PST

Nature Study for the Well-Educated Heart

 Nature is God's University. In a day when faith has come under attack, bringing our children near to their Creator through His Creations will strengthen their trust in Him and add a measure of joy to their lives that can come in no other way. "If the trees and flowers, the clouds and wind, all tell wonderful stories to the child, he has sources of happiness of which no power can deprive him." (Flora Cooke) Come take a look at Nature Study, not just for the mind, but for the heart.

Greg Denning
World School Academy

Thurs / Sept 7 / 3pm PST

3 Secrets to Unleash Your Teens Untapped Potential

After working with youth and parents for 17 years on 5 continents, I've learned the few proven secrets to help teens discover and maximize their personal potential. Let's empower the wonderful youth in our lives!

Steve Demme
Math U See

Thurs / Sept 7 / 12:30pm PST

Seeing Fractions is Understanding Fractions

Four out of five people don’t understand fractions! With one clear hands-on model, Steve demonstrates how to perform the basic operations as well as understanding equivalent fractions, reducing fractions, and mixed numbers. The grand finale is how to convert a fraction to a decimal to a percent.

Pat Hade
Social Student Athletes

Thurs / Sept 7 / 10am PST

What Kids Need to Know about the Social Media Age

The future will have Social Media integrated into our lives in the same way electricity is integrated into our world. And though most of us utilize a portion of Social Media there is little understanding of its actual functions beyond our own use. Join us to understand the uses and abuses of the vast Social Media universe. This important presentation will focus on 3 main topics:

  • Making the most of the Social Media World
  • Staying Safe in Social
  • Leveraging Social for College Admissions
Jeanie Cisco-Meth
Bully Proofing You

Wed / Sept 6 / 12:30pm PST

Bully Proofing You: Taming The Bully Between Your Ears

Many times our worst bully lives between our ears. In this training you will learn how to stop internal bullies as well as external bullies. You will receive powerful tools that will help you be bully-proof for life.

Donna Goff
Mentoring Our Own

Wed / Sept 6 / 10am PST

A 21st Century Approach~ Homeschooling: An Odyssey Analogy

What is the Odyssey Analogy? What is the Mastery Approach? Why is it trending? How can the Mastery Approach rock your homeschool? I invite you to join us and learn: Why the mastery approach is more effective than the age/grade approach, both academically and psychologically;  How to benefit your children and implement this 21st Century Mastery in your home;  Learn ways to avoid burnout;  Replicate a unique modern system that has worked for hundreds of homeschool families;  All without it taking over your life.

NOTE:  ALL TIMES NOTED ARE PACIFIC STANDARD TIME – you will need to adjust for your time zone!