SEPTEMBER 6-20, 2017


Come Celebrate With Us!

Join thousands of homeschoolers for the 13th Annual Not Back to School Summit ....

Featuring dozens of POWERFUL Speakers to get your homeschool year going !

  • Totally Free LIVE video sessions - PLUS Complimentary 24 hr Replays 
  •  Completely Online - Watch from anywhere!
  • Catch ALL the speakers, ask them questions LIVE
  • NO Traveling, NO Babysitters, NO Costs

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This conference is hosted by:

Live sessions will stream from September 6-20, 2017

FREE and Online:
The Ultimate Celebration and Training!

Watch cutting-edge LIVE video seminars and workshops on homeschool topics, all from the convenience of where ever you wish to attend - at home, or on the go!
  • Celebrate with FREE training.  Learn tips, techniques, and skills from some of the BEST homeschool speakers in the world.  Ask them questions, LIVE!  Speakers begin Sept. 6th.
  • Celebrate Freedom in Education.  Education without walls opens up endless possibilities.  Learn how to give your kids the edge while maintaining your sanity.
  • Celebrate You. What you are doing is amazing, and we will help you to recognize and acknowledge your efforts, hurry and get registered so you don't miss out!!  

The NOT Back to School Summit offers:

How to Do it All

Mentors who have been through every issue and challenge imaginable, will show you how they homeschool. Whether you have one child, or multiple children.  Special needs or not. Come and learn some great ideas to help along the way.

Overcome Obstacles

What is stopping you at the gate?  Learn what is true and what the myths are in homeschooling.  Then learn how to move forward with confidence and the right resources and tools so you can really hit the target and be successful.

Intensive Training

Powerful, life-changing answers to issues you won't find in a box!  Receive personal direction and inspiration.  Get back on track. 


Having difficult days?  Don't throw in the towel!  Get real tools you can implement right away to make positive changes in your homeschool.  Let's talk!

Our Incredible Speaker Line-Up!

Dianne McLean, our Director says.....​

"Year after year, we have been hosting online digital conferences for homeschoolers, and our members are thrilled. For 2017, this event will be spectacular.  No home educator should be without this arsenal of information!"

...and all of the live sessions are FREE!!!