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Many people purchase boxed curricula, only to find out that it doesn’t fit their child’s needs. Most are designed to appeal to “textbook-style” learning, to emulate public schools and teaching the masses. What do you do when you have already spent the money? Do you force it to work? Switch to yet another curriculum? How can you take a curriculum that was created to fit the learning styles of many children, one that was created to fit public school guidelines and to appeal to a larger audience – and fully customize that curriculum to fit YOUR child, YOUR guidelines, and YOUR family? How can you do this when you are not a teacher and you have never created a lesson plan in your life? How can you make sure that your lessons are “aligned” so that you are not leaving out anything important (many parents still worry about this even though they are homeschooling). In this eye-opening presentation, Dianne McLean will share with you how to create engaging, highly academic lesson plans from ANY topic, book, or resource – without a teaching degree or any prior knowledge of the subject.

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