Homeschool SupportSupport for Home Educators

Sometimes you just need to talk with someone who gets homeschooling and all that comes with it!

At HECOA, we provide support for home educators in a variety of ways.  Of course there are our unique training opportunities, live webinars, and live presentations – as well as our resource areas.  And we have never been in a position where we could not help someone or get them to the right resource when they have contacted us directly.

For our members, we offer private online support forums and a private Facebook group.  Our members collaborate on homeschool tips, discuss homeschool issues, and enjoy each others company!  We are a diverse group and welcome people from all faiths and backgrounds.  Our members self-moderate in a respectful, courteous, and clean environment and we encourage people to look for the common ground, versus seeking to always find the uncommon ground.  Because of this, our members have less contention than other homeschool groups, with very little moderation needed.

Any question you have about home education, please feel free to contact us directly. The method that most home educators have preferred over the years is to simply use our CONTACT PAGE.  That way, once we establish contact and help you assess your needs, we can put you in touch with a specific leader in your area.  Or, if you just want to keep your questions and concerns private, we honor that too.  We receive hundreds of emails each week through our CONTACT PAGE.  So please be patient with us, as we do give personal attention to each contact.

If you are not ready for our private groups, but are looking to interact with home educators to get opinions or to simply share ideas or thoughts more publicly, then you may also post questions on our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE.

For clarity on how long it takes to get a response – our office hours are generally:  Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm, Pacific Standard Time.
Sometimes, one of our advocates might be in touch on a weeknight or weekend, but we do not promise 24/7 service, as our organization is all volunteer and we all have families too.

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