Teaching children to govern themselves

How do you get your kids to behave?  Parenting is very hard sometimes!

When we are constantly trying to "get" our kids to do anything, it's a struggle.  The big question is – how do we "get" them to just do things for themselves?  How can we "get" them to do the right things, do their chores, do their lessons, and be perfectly civil, all on their own?

At Home Education Council of America, we receive hundreds of emails every month from parents who are at their wits end.  Their children fight them on every task, throw fits, stomp their feet, and end up in punishment for a large percentage of their days.

If this is your home, know that you are not alone.  And know that there is help!!

Rather than try to hash out all the parenting guides and philosophies on raising children, we called in an expert to help!

Nicholeen Peck is an amazing mentor for parents.  When she speaks in our events, we get thousands of emails from people saying things such as:  "the entire dynamics of our home changed from the information we learned!"  Not kidding, it's amazing how many emails we get.  And when she speaks at homeschool conferences, her booth is crowded for hours after her seminar with people who want more from her.

So we have invited Nicholeen back for our series – the 2014 Not Back to School Summit!  The summit was a collaboration of a total of 30 speakers, and over 65 homeschool topics, which were all free for the live sessions.  The live sessions have ended however, but you can still catch all the fantastic replays by becoming an upgraded Plus member!

Nicholeen Peck is the mother of four and previous foster parent of many difficult and troubled teens. The Peck family's success with these difficult children was based upon calmness, the principles of self- government, and good communication. She has been teaching people around the world the principles of Self-Government since 1999. She has done Self-Government teaching tours in the United Kindgom and China. In 2009, Nicholeen and her family were featured in a one hour BBC documentary about parenting. She has appeared on various news shows and radio programs to discuss effective parenting. She is a popular public speaker, author of the books, Parenting a House United, Londyn LaRae Says Okay, Porter Earns A Quarter, Big Win For Quin, many magazine articles, and a blog called http://TeachingSelfGovernment.com

Nicholeen's replays are now available for upgraded Plus members at the links below (you will need to be logged in):

CPR:  Cultural Parenting Revolution
Sept. 9th – http://hecoa.com/cultural-parenting-revolution

Have you had enough yet?  Do you feel like you are drowning some days? Parenting is hard work.  Is there any way to make it easier?  This class will take a deep look at what parenting used to look like.  What it looks like in our modern society and what it needs to look like to create the leaders we need for the future.  Let's line up all these ideas, and make new parenting choices to free our families from emotional bondage.

Teaching Self-Government for Homeschool Success
aired Sept. 24th – http://hecoa.com/teaching-self-government-for-homeschool-success

If we are constantly battling our children at home, how can we create an environment to build leaders?  The most inspiring of all lessons taught in the home is that of a good parent/child relationship. There are no tricks to achieving children that govern themselves, while happily and willingly obeying the counsel of their parents.  A working family government and atmosphere of acceptance and love turns the heart of a child to his/her parents.  Don’t just parent your children; teach them the skills they need to govern themselves.  This one skill makes or breaks the homeschool environment.




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