Terms and Conditions

Use of this website constitutes agreement to the following terms and conditions:

Home Education Council of America strives to serve the entire home education community.  Therefore, we are diverse and our members are diverse.  We are not solely leaned toward one faith or one education style.  By using this website, you agree to be courteous and respectful of other points of view and not engage in spamming, flaming, or trolling behavior.  If you don't agree with someone, please move on.  Trolling, spamming, flaming will revoke your privileges to post or participate in chats and open discussion, without refund or retribution.

Membership includes specific access which is tiered by membership type.  All members are obligated to keep a valid email address on file.  You will receive periodic newsletters and information from us, but we do not over email.  NOTE: During live events you may receive one email daily.  If you can't handle this, don't become a member.  This also helps us to check bouncing emails.  If you opt out of the member email list or your email is bouncing, your account privileges will be suspended until we have a valid email address reinstated.  For paid or upgraded members, this suspension does not constitute any refund or retroactive account status, whether in portion or in whole, as it is your responsibility to maintain a valid email address.  A violation of any of our security policies does not warrant a refund.  If our once a week email is not interesting to you, please hit delete.  The unsubscribe button is at the bottom of any email that we send out.  If you unsubscribe and later want to return as a free member, you are welcome to do so provided you have not been banned for spamming, trolling, or flaming.  All forums, discussion groups, and the like are provided as a courtesy when we have volunteer moderators available.  Please follow the rules in each individual forum or group.  Violation of the rules will get you banned from the forums or groups without refund.  Unless specifically permitted, no material on the HECOA website may be downloaded, copied, or reproduced.  We reserve all rights in this respect.  Plagiarizing our material or information will result in a membership ban without refund and possibly a lawsuit.

From time to time, speakers will present offers for members to join them on the speaker's website to receive free downloads, purchase products or services at a discount, or continue a relationship with the speaker.  HECOA is not responsible for the outcome of any relationship you engage in with an outside guest speaker.  You agree to hold HECOA, its assigns and heirs, harmless from any obligation financial or otherwise for purchase or agreements you enter into with speakers.  We do not provide or sell any email addresses to the speakers or to anyone for any reason at any time.  If you get on their mailing list, it's because you voluntarily sign up for it.  Sometimes you may not remember, however HECOA is not responsible for this.

Paid, upgraded memberships may not be portioned for partial refunds. Access to any of the paid, secured, content – whether whole or in part – constitutes use of the entire paid membership.  Refunds are not permitted after any amount of access has been gained to secure content.

HECOA provides all materials, courses, videos, audio, and downloadable files as a courtesy and we are under no obligation to keep specific material for any specific amount of time for member access.  We reserve the right to change, alter, revise, or edit anything on our website at any time and without notice.

Last update to terms and conditions:  February 24, 2016