The Seven Keys of Remarkable Teaching

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Friday, April 8th at 5pm Pacific

This workshop will be taught in the 2016 Ultimate Homeschool Bootcamp- REGISTER HERE for live access!

Part 3 of 3. This presentation covers the different phases that your student will go through during the formative years. Now let’s talk about how you can become a Master Teacher. There are seven identifiable keys that all Master Teachers employ to unleash the powers of learning in their students. We will cover all seven in this class and offer you a free follow-up mechanism to ensure you get off to a good start as you begin to apply these keys in your home school.

More about Dr. Shanon Brooks:

Dr. Shanon Brooks is a co-founder and president of Monticello College. He has over twenty years experience in teaching and the administration of entrepreneurial higher education organizations. He is the former president of George Wythe University and a founder of the Center for Social Leadership. Dr. Brooks is the co-author of A Thomas Jefferson Education for Teens. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, a Master’s degree in education, and a PhD in constitutional law. He lives in Monticello, Utah with his wife Julia and their children. He loves hiking and the great outdoors. His favorite toy is a backhoe. He is passionate about libery, liberal arts education and the organic concept of Georgics.

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Susan I says

This three part series really opened my eyes to a unique way of teaching – fascinating!  

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