The Spark Station

Presentation by Mary Ann Johnson 

For parents, keeping their children inspired can sometimes be a daunting task. Coming up with ideas or even seeing what their children are already interested in can be a challenge. Parents want to inspire their kids. They want “school” and learning to be interesting and exciting. Having a tool in place, that helps parents do this, goes a long way to bringing peace to a parents heart and family connection fun to the “school room”.  

In this presentation participants will learn:

• What the Spark Station is and how it can help them connect with their children in fun and inspiring ways

• Applications of the Spark Station 

• Five Life principles which increase Spark Station success 

• Information on how to actually create, fill and use the Spark Station tomorrow.


This presentation was broadcast on June 1, 2015 at 12pm (Pacific Standard Time) during the 2015 National Home Education e-Conference and is now part of our member archives.

More about Mary Ann Johnson:

Mary Ann Johnson is passionate about families. She is a speaker, trainer, workshop leader and writer for parents who have chosen to home or public educate their children. She has seven grown children, a dozen grandchildren, is the founder of four businesses and is the creator of The Spark Station and Rockin’ Spark Station Packets. Mary Ann teaches parents how to order themselves so they can order their families, to experience more fun, inspired learning, connection and joy.  Mary Ann is currently the CEO of Home School Coach LLC and Family Connection Mentoring. Mary Ann has her masters degree in education, and has worked with thousands of children over a 40 year span and hundreds of home and public school families. You can connect with Mary Ann at:

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Kim Huitt says

What a gem Mary Ann Johnson is to me.  I look so forward to her upcoming presentation.  She is a person I would love to sit down with for a cup of tea on a sunny afternoon. So on June 1st I'll pour myself a cup of earl grey and enjoy her presentation. I wish I would have seen her when I first started out on this journey of mothering.  But God's perfect timing is always the best.

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