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APRIL 23-27, 2018

Registration will begin
in April

Whether you are an experienced homeschooler - or a newbie at the starting gate - there is something for everyone and you will want to register immediately for this event so you don't miss a thing.  There are many powerful presentations lined up on real homeschool topics that you simply will not find answers to in a box.  

This is NOT a collection of audio files.  Our conferences include engaging LIVE video streams where you can hear, see, and ask questions to the speakers - just as if you were sitting in a convention room with them!  It's empowering, and we have gathered the BEST mentors to help and support you.

There is nothing to download to your computer.  At the time of the presentation you want to watch, simply log on and click play - it's so easy!  Access the conference sessions from any device, anywhere in the world!

Kathleen Cotter Lawler
Monday, April 23 at 930am Pacific
(1030am Mountain, 1130am Central, 1230pm Eastern)

Mom, Don't Make MeThink - Just Tell Me the Answers

As a teacher, it's so easy to give the answer, isn't it? Oh, that's right... you don't do that. How long do you allow a child to think before you start helping them? Sometimes we need to be quiet and let them wrestle with the problem to discover the answer. Do you know that children will learn better and remember things longer when they discover the solution? The goal is to provide a way for them to lear

Steve Demme
Monday, April 23 at 12pm Pacific
(1pm Mountain, 2pm Central, 3pm Eastern)

Math You Understand

Math is so much more than memorizing rules and facts. With a unique and humorous approach, Steve demonstrates how to use hands-on manipulatives to illustrate important math concepts such as place value, double digit multiplication, fractions, algebra, exponents, squares, square roots, and factoring trinomials.

Audrey Rindlisbacher
Monday, April 23 at 230pm Pacific
(330pm Mountain, 430pm Central, 530pm Eastern)

Math You Understand

The idea of life mission is very popular in homeschooling circles. In fact, many of us began homeschooling our children precisely because we wanted something better for them. Yet, although the concept is inspiring, a clear picture of what life mission actually looks like and how to discover and fulfill a mission are steps that can be quite elusive. Through more than a dozen years of studying the great men and women of history Audrey has uncovered a consistent pattern in their lives which can not only be learned but followed with amazing success. Come learn what these 7 Stages are and how YOU can implement them in your home today!

Chris Yust
Tuesday, April 24 at 930am Pacific
(1030am Mountain, 1130am Central, 1230pm Eastern)

Why Do Today's Students Need Computer Science?

Join Chris Yust, President of CompuScholar and a long-time software engineer, as he describes the importance of Computer Science in your homeschool schedule. Find out how you can turn computer "play" time into a productive and rewarding learning experience. Your kids can learn to code, create websites, games, and more - no teacher expertise required. We'll also talk about today's software job market and discuss the computer skills your child needs to land a high-paying software job.

SJ Barakony
Tuesday, April 24 at 12pm Pacific
(1pm Mountain, 2pm Central, 3pm Eastern)

The Way Forward:
The 'Four Pathways' & the many roads less traveled besides college & university for home educated families 

Many families make the choice to pursue home education for many reasons, yet how many of these same families realize that there are so many possible roads to investigate for the years after 'graduation'?

Please register to hear SJ Barakony, the Founder of Service Before Self Leadership: An Educational Solutions Provider, share the following:

The 'Four Pathways' - what each of them are & why you should give equal opportunity to each as a parent & student.

Future trends & which of these pathways seems to have the most potential at this present time (spring 2018)

Discussion of the many non college/university options - college is most definitely NOT for all & should not be promoted as such.

Q&A & more!

Donna Goff
Tuesday, April 24 at 230pm Pacific
(330pm Mountain, 430pm Central, 530pm Eastern)

Rocking Homeschool on a Shoestring

Creative and Fun Home Education strategies on a shoe string from a 3 Decade Veteran of Homeschooling.

​Patrick Nurre
Wednesday, April 25 at 930am Pacific
(1030am Mountain, 1130am Central, 1230pm Eastern)

Let Them Pick Up the Rocks

Let’s face it, homeschooling can be messy! And to top it off, sometimes our kids are interested in things that don’t interest us, and are downright dirty. Patrick’s practical message is an encouragement for those facing this dilemma and gives hope going forward. ( This presentation is from a Christian worldview. )

Steve Demme
Wednesday, April 25 at 12pm Pacific
(1pm Mountain, 2pm Central, 3pm Eastern)

Influence of Fathers

A plethora of studies have demonstrated the profound impact of fathers on their children. In this session we will explore the influence of Dads in scripture and how we can learn from what they did well and where they dropped the ball. God designed men to serve and lay their lives down for their wife and children.

Julie Bogart
Wednesday, April 25 at 230pm Pacific
(330pm Mountain, 430pm Central, 530pm Eastern)

The Secret to Breakthroughs in Writing (all ages)

Programs, curriculum, homeschool gurus—they all miss it. Yet it’s so simple! Find out what professional writers know about writing instruction that educators often miss. You’ll walk away from this seminar knowing exactly what to do to change the dynamic around writing in your family…for good. In fact, you can turn your writing program around in one step, once you know what it is and follow through. The good news: anyone can apply this principle to writing (you don’t have to be an expert writer yourself). By the end of the session, you’ll have an 8-week writing plan to use right away—no purchase necessary! End the hand-wringing and tears for good.

Julia Collier
Thursday, April 26 at 930am Pacific
(1030am Mountain, 1130am Central, 1230pm Eastern)

Online Courses: How to Choose Them, What to Expect, How to Help Your Student Succeed

Online courses courses are an excellent addition to any educational experience--if you know how to pick them. In this workshop we cover what to look for in online courses, how to evaluate online providers, and how to help your student succeed in class. We'll also talk about student preparedness, because even the best students won't do well in online classes if they aren't ready.

Blaine Rindlisbacher
Thursday, April 26 at 12pm Pacific
(1pm Mountain, 2pm Central, 3pm Eastern)

The Relationship Connection

How the quality of your relationships will make or break your homeschool and the 3 simple things you can do everyday to keep your relationships strong.

Greg Denning
Thursday, April 26 at 230pm Pacific
(330pm Mountain, 430pm Central, 530pm Eastern)

Training Your Children to Be Social Superstars

We all want our children to build meaningful friendships and great relationships! And we want to empower them, to not only be able to communicate effectively, but to actually lead other people. But how do we help them develop the confidence and competence to be great social leaders? Come discover what I've learned while working with youth and parents for more than two decades, to help your children have meaningful conversations with anyone, anywhere at anytime.

Greg Denning
Friday, April 27 at 930am Pacific
(1030am Mountain, 1130am Central, 1230pm Eastern)

Intentional Parenting--Mentoring Your Children To Greatness

Amidst the chaos and the laundry and the dishes, the greatest thing we will ever do for our children is to mentor them to reach for their unique inner awesomeness. Each of your children is special beyond compare, and therefore deserves an individualized mentoring plan and process. Come learn how to be more intentional and more effective as a parent mentor, so that your children can unlock their untapped potential.

Donna Goff
Friday, April 27 at 12pm Pacific
(1pm Mountain, 2pm Central, 3pm Eastern)

Lion Tamer in a Three Ring Circus

Managing Home School, Home, and Home Buisness.

Jill Stowell
Friday, April 27 at 230pm Pacific
(330pm Mountain, 430pm Central, 530pm Eastern)

Understanding Your Struggling Student and Strategies that can Help

When your bright child struggles with learning or attention, it's confusing and frustrating for everyone involved. In this session, learn why some smart kids struggle, what can be done to change that permanently, and come away with simple strategies that you can apply today to support your struggling student.

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