The Well Educated Heart – Part 2 of 2

This workshop was taught in the 2015 Not Back to School Summit - REGISTER HERE for FREE live access to our next summit!

Once you understand the pattern of learning laid out in Part I, you'll now learn how to incorporate more of the languages of the heart in your home-Music, Art, Poetry and Story. I'll be sharing a lot of wonderful FREE resources as well as ideas for heart-based notebooking. Also, come learn a fresh approach for weaving the stories of history, art, music, and literature together.

More about Marlene Peterson:

Marlene Peterson has raised eight daughters and one son with her husband, Brent and is thoroughly enjoying being a grandma. She is founder and president of Libraries of Hope which is all about stories and educating the heart. In addition to bringing many of the forgotten treasures of children's literature back into print, Libraries of Hope is also working to restore the ageless and beautiful art of storytelling to our culture. Marlene has compiled a manual for beginning storytellers, 'Restoring the Art of Storytelling in the Home'. She graduated from BYU where she studied Child Development and Family Relations. She and her husband reside in Appomattox, VA, blissfully surrounded by the stories of history.

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lyndsey poindexter-johnson says

I love this schedule! This is so similar to what I have been trying to create myself, and I have spent so many hours! Between Marlene's resources, the Internet, and the public library, money should not be an issue with homeschooling. These three things will get your family far!

Cassie DeLapp says

Part two should still be ready. But two is not and 1 is ? 

    HECOA says

    Both videos are on the page – maybe try either refreshing your browser or try a different browser?  

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