When someone is new to homeschooling, it doesn't take long for them to discover that homeschooling is legal. Nor does it take long for them to discover that there are a vast amount of resources available - from eclectic to out-of-the-box curriculum, and in many different methods and styles.

New homeschoolers also discover the truths about certain misconceptions such as socialization, graduation, how to get into college, and all of the worries that come from skeptics.

However, even after all of that, some are still on the fence about homeschooling. The choices can be quite overwhelming and our new members consistently ask us: Okay, so how do you DO it? How DO you homeschool? How do you do [this or that]?

So this is why we provide training - to teach how to DO it! Most of our training is offered FREE during our CONFERENCES - which are all online, visual training sessions accessible from any computer or mobile device. Our online conferences are the largest available in the world, with more speakers and more unique training than anywhere else. CLICK HERE to connect to our conferences.

We also offer monthly webinars and free featured webinars throughout the year. Everything imaginable is in our archives - from how to set up your homeschool, to parenting tips, to working with specific types of curricula or specific methods or styles, homeschooling children with special needs, keeping up with your home, scheduling, lesson planning, everything from preschool to graduation and beyond - ALL OF IT - over 150 high quality training videos and growing!

Training is provided for members only - join at the FREE/BASIC level for access to select live sessions, or join at the PLUS level for full access to both live and recorded sessions.

CERTIFICATIONS: Beginning in 2016, members* may print out a PDF certificate which has the webinar title, number of hours, and description. These certificates are helpful in states or provinces where homeschoolers are required to submit continuing education hours or training hours!!

*Basic members may download certificates within the free replay access time. Plus members may download certificates at will.


Group leaders want training from us – they want to know how to plan events, how to set up co-ops, how to manage finances, and how to grow their groups. So we work with group leaders all over the world to help with your needs. We have an extensive 9-month training program which includes 18 LIVE group mentoring sessions, downloadable forms, videos, tools, and more. Group leader training is provided for members only – join at the PLUS level to apply as a group leader. Once your application is approved, you will be required to upgrade to the PLUS-Premium level for full access to the exclusive training.


The home education community is not like any other community. All of the techniques and training which are taught to corporations and speaking executives generally don’t have the same effects when you are presenting to home educators. Our audience is usually on one income and usually very busy.

Let us show you how our community responds so you can get your services in front of the people who are looking for them! Training for speakers and presenters is provided via invitation or through unique opportunities throughout the year. Contact us today to get on the list for the next sessions.