Trust Parents – Why Engaged Parents are Essential in Building Lifelong Learners

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At the heart of this talk is the simple truth that parents are the key to a successful education. The secret? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to help your child succeed. Drawing on a rich set of research, various social sciences studies, and Ethan’s homeschooling story “from coonskin cap to college graduate,” this talk provides a compelling argument for the importance (and power) of trusting parents. Learn practical tips for parental engagement and be encouraged by the evidence that says, “parents you can do it and you can do it well.”

More about Ethan Demme:

Ethan Demme is the President and CEO of Demme Learning and is passionate about finding the best ways to build lifelong learners. Ethan is an elected member of the board of supervisors in East Lampeter Township and is an active member of his local community. Ethan is a homeschool graduate and holds a B.A. in Communication Arts from Bryan College. Ethan has been married to his lovely wife Anna for over 8 years and they live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where they enjoy running, biking, swimming, canoeing, hiking, and exploring new places

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