Unlocking the secrets of real science with your pre-schooler

Children are full of surprises and they can often understand much more than we imagine. The prevalent thinking in many educational circles is that young children can't learn real science, would be bored with too much detail, and simply can't absorb complex ideas. However, this is far from true.

It's easier than you think to unlock the secrets of real science with your preschooler even if you are not a scientist. Join Dr. Keller as she outlines how in three simple steps.

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Dr. Keller has been a homeschool mom for over 15 years, is the author of Real Science-4-Kids and CEO/founder of Gravitas Publications Inc. She earned a PhD in biophysical chemistry from the University of New Mexico and pursued postdoctoral work at the University of New Mexico and the University of California, Berkeley in molecular biology and neuroscience. Dr. Keller began writing science books for kids when she started homeschooling her own children and through her books, and hopes to bring science to homeschool families that this fun, engaging, and easy for parents to teach. http://www.gravitaspublications.com

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