What Else is Possible?

This live presentation will air on:

Friday - September 16th - 9am Pacific time

This workshop will be taught in the 2016 Not Back to School Summit - REGISTER HERE for live access!

If you want your kids to accomplish their dreams, you've got to be willing to lead out and go after yours! Join Heidi as she shares incredible and powerful experiences to inspire you to action.

More about Heidi Totten:

Heidi Totten

Heidi Totten is the owner of Heidi Totten Consulting and a serial entrepreneur, but her main role is homeschooling her two children, ages 8 and 11. She first felt the pull to homeschool when her son was born, but in 2007 helped start a charter school where her children attended for a couple of years until the pull was too strong. They began their homeschool journey in early 2012 and haven't looked back. http://www.inspirethesprouts.com, http://www.launchingwomen.com

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