Why Homeschool?

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Traditional education focuses on the "3 R's." A great homeschool delivers the 3 R's, and then goes a step further by mastering the 4 F's in a way that public and private schools almost never do. Learn what the 4 F's are, and how they can define, inspire, and animate your homeschool ideals while reducing your stress and increasing the quality of your family's 3 R's education. Whether you're considering homeschool, just getting your footing, or a homeschool veteran, the 4 F's will make all the difference.

More about Rachel and Oliver DeMille:

Oliver and Rachel DeMille are the founders of the highly acclaimed Thomas Jefferson Education ("TJEd") model of learning. They are the parents of five daughters and three sons. The DeMilles’ insights are informed not only by dealing with the unique needs, learning styles and gifts in their own home, but through their experience in mentoring and consulting with schools and families on virtually every level, and around the world. Oliver is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author and a popular keynote speaker at corporate and educational events. He is also the presenter of the online educational series Mentoring in the Classics. Rachel is on a mission to heal families, inspire others to detect, refine and unleash their genius and anxiously awaiting more grandbabies. Rachel is the creator and editor of Homeschool.com's 2013 Best Curriculum award-winning This Week in History. http://www.tjed.org

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