3 Biggest Things that Lead to Chaos

3 Biggest Dangers Homeschooling Moms Make That Keep Their Schedules Chaotic – 
This is a call about scheduling, rhythm of the day & week and creating a plan that fits the individual mom and family.

  • How books, toys and supplies could be adding stress to your days
  • Why we spend time "putting out fires" instead of doing what we really want to do
  • The 1st thing to put in place when you begin homeschooling (think: stress-free, smoother days)
  • Plus tips you can start TODAY to avoid falling into these mistakes

Donna Ashton

Donna Ashton is the founder and CEO of The Waldorf Connection, an online resource that provides workshops, courses, and training for homeschooling families all over the world. She is committed to delivering how-to guidance and support to moms seeking to educate their children in a waldorf-inspired, conscious way. Donna offers mentoring, advice and resources to thousands of families worldwide. To get started with the very basics of homeschooling with Waldorf, visit her website: http://thewaldorfconnection.com

Donna invites you to grab her FREE e-book:
Rhythm and Organization - How to Manage Your Time, Simplify Tasks, and Align with Your Family Values

And find great resources about the Waldorf method of homeschooling here:

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I could not access the print out with the button.  It just took me to the hecoa main page.  Any other links?

    HECOA says

    Thanks for the heads up!  When we switched platforms in February, not all of our files got transferred.  It should be there now!

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