5 College Application Tips for Homeschoolers

For traditional students and non-traditional students alike, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when you are applying to college, demonstrating your academic ability is the most important part of the process. For non-traditional students like homeschoolers, though, there are other important criteria that admissions officers also look for — things you’ll rarely find on their school’s admissions page. In addition, there are key choices you can make even before you apply that will help your application stand out during the admissions process. So, if you’re beginning to think about applying to college and are wondering what you can do to increase your chances of getting accepted to the schools of your choice, join us for this inspiring, informative session. By the end you will have a list of easy steps you can take immediately, along with a variety of unique ideas for making your application compelling to any admissions officer.

More about Lori Dunlap:

Lori Dunlap

Lori Dunlap, MBA, worked for almost 20 years in the corporate arena, first as a management consultant and then as a university program director and adjunct faculty member at the University of Arizona. In 2010 she left the university to begin homeschooling her two sons, and to pursue her interests in research and writing, with a specific focus on non-traditional education and higher education. She has recently completed a two-year research project focusing on the transition from homeschooling to college, which culminated in her first book, " From Home Education to Higher Education."

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