8 Amazing Things to Do at Yellowstone National Park
By Jen Holmstrom

 There are some incredible spots in our natural surroundings. We may hear about them and see pictures of them, but nothing compares to actually experiencing these miraculous places. Yellowstone National Park is mostly located in Wyoming and partially covers portions of Montana and Idaho. The National Park has a variety of fascinating geothermal features, ecosystems, and wildlife habitats; which covers 3472 square miles. Yellowstone is a gold mine of natural wonders and is a pivotal camping spot in the United States. In fact, some of the most notable sights in the world can be experienced at Yellowstone.

1. View Wild Animals in Their Natural Habitat

Throughout the park visitors will be able to see bison, elk, coyotes, wolves, mountain lions, grizzly bears, and various types of birds. All animals are beautifully observed in their majestic natural surroundings.

2.  Camping

Expert campers know that one of the best places in the world to camp is at Yellowstone. With loads of options, you can experience wide comfortable campsites with hot showers and flushing water, or you can seek out a more private backcountry area to camp and take in a peaceful setting.​

3. Fishing

Licensed fishermen are able to participate in fishing locations throughout the park. There are boat rentals available and many of the lakes are stocked during the active season. Fishing in Yellowstone is not just an enjoyable pastime. The strong running lakes, streams and wild trout rivers are alive with activity and make fishing there more of an adventure.

4. Visit Breathtaking Hot Springs & Geysers

Old faithful, The Geyser Basins, Castle Geyser, Morning Glory Pool, and the Grand Prismatic Spring are only a few of the fabulous sights to see. Yellowstone can provide you with a wide ranged map that indicates where all the geysers and springs are located. These are some stops that you won’t want to miss!

5. Hike Through Yellowstone ​

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and Hayden Valley consist of some of the most popular and appealing hiking areas. Here you will be able to see wildlife and incredible land formations and waterfalls.

6. Study Rock Formations & Fossils

Yellowstone consists of some of the most extensive petrified forests with fascinating rock formations found and fossils that can be linked to Dinosaurs for a look into paleontology. Many of the geological formations are traced to the volcanic history of Yellowstone.

7. Visit Indian Reservations

There are several Indian Reservations in the surrounding Yellowstone area, which can be visited. There you can take in a bit of Native American culture and possibly experience a Powwow. Wyoming also has the gravesite and memorial for Sacajawea, the famous woman who guided Lewis & Clark. The gravesite is a secluded spot where there are no signs, but can be found in the Wind River Reservation. Some call it the “Secret” Gravesite because of the isolated location.

8. Visit the Heritage & Research Center of Yellowstone

This Visitor Center is a wealth of information and educational resources. It has a collection of museum items, a library, and an archeology/historian lab. This would be a perfect stop to tie up some loose ends for homeschool projects.

There is no doubt that Yellowstone should be on your bucket list. Spending a few days amongst these beautiful spots and valuable lessons will create a memorable trip. The rare sights at Yellowstone are sure to be enjoyed by everyone, but cherished by admirers of nature and knowledge.

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