Anne Cleveland

For the past 40 years, as a musician and educator, I've divided my time between performing music and teaching. In 1994 I discovered Waldorf education and from day one, I was smitten. After my training I taught as a class teacher for 10 years at the Santa Cruz Waldorf School, and after that, I've been teaching Music, Spanish, and providing parent education support classes. My first window into homeschooling was working for Ocean Grove, teaching music and Spanish and currently I am the owner of the Waldorf Connection, formerly owned by Donna Ashton, where I provide programs and coaching for homeschool families. I'm currently studying the Extra Lesson Work of Audry McAllen with Ingun Schneider and Kris Boshell in a Waldorf remedial training program where I'm revisiting what I learned in my Waldorf training and learning more specifically how to support students who are experiencing learning challenges with movement activities that provide a strong foundation for learning and cognitive development.