Jen Holmstrom

With a degree in Criminal Justice, a life-long background in musical theatre, and experience in filmmaking, Jen's interests cover a wide variety of topics. She has worked professionally as a preschool teacher, a claims investigator, a music video choreographer, and a film production manager. And she hopes to tap into many more creative projects in the future!
She devoted herself to pursuing home education when she was pregnant with her first child. It took her 3 years of gentle discussions and pep talks to convince her husband to support homeschool; and now he loves it and is an active participant in unschooling their children. "We recognize that each child/person has unique gifts and abilities. With personalized and loving guidance, they are capable of making inspiring achievements and pursuing their dreams." Jen is now the Director of Home Education Council of America, while she and her husband have three young children. They lived fulltime in an Airstream travel trailer for 3 years, making their dream a reality to create cherished family memories while roadschooling. They have been across the country several times and document their family experiences on Instagram @inspiredfamilyof5.