Jenny McKinney

More than anything else, from the time she was a young child, Jenny wanted to be two things: a mother and a teacher. She also knew from a young age that music would always have a special place in her life. Her dream of motherhood was fulfilled with the four children she and her husband have been blessed with. Although it came in an unexpected way, her teaching dreams manifested in the form of homeschooling her children. Having a special needs child further drove her passion for homeschooling. When her son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum and they did not have any support from the community, Jenny felt blessed to not only be his mother, but also to become his full-time therapist and permanent teacher. More than eight years later, her son thrives in his learning environment. 

It is through her experiences with homeschooling, having a special needs child, and the opportunity to share her original music as an inspirational speaker and performer that her presentation on special needs was inspired. Jenny believes that each person has divine, unique qualities and when one taps into these gifts and shares them for the benefit of others, they truly can become modern-day superheroes.