Kim Hoyer

Kim is the Founder and CEO of Stand Up Now (SUN). He travels globally sharing insights on leadership, strategic execution, and human happiness and advancement.
He is best known for his trademark, "P4 Advancement System" which is a framework that helps individuals and teams move beyond the ordinary and hit whatever targets they set for themselves. This methodology combines: education, planning, and keeping people happy, productive, and focused on their dreams.
Kim Hoyer is a strategic thinker and implementer. He is in the business of helping entrepreneurs and educators and accomplish anything they set their minds to.  
Kim has a history of producing strong results for Fortune 500 clients, school districts, colleges, and universities.
Kim's approach combines fun, flexibility, attention to details, and an entrepreneurial fun style. He and his team are committed to providing unique and innovative educational programs and hands on solutions based on solid strategic thinking and meticulous attention to detail.

Kim lives with his wife Carmel and their four kids in British Columbia Canada.
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