Megan Thomas

Megan Thomas, a mother of seven and a wife to one, has been homeschooling for more than 12 years. Homeschooling didn't come natural for her, and she spent many years finding what didn't work. After years of studying, praying, and a willingness to keep trying, things finally started to click, and her homeschool evolved into something amazing.

After the birth of her seventh child she became a certified life coach, where she specializes in helping homeschool Moms. She is incredibly passionate about helping Moms succeed, so she created a program to help. In the program she teaches Moms how to create the life, and family they want while homeschooling. It's basically a gym membership, but for your brain.

Megan loves to travel with her family, running, and is always up for a new adventure. She and her husband are raising their babies in Utah.

Instagram: thehippiemama
Podcast: Called to Homeschool