Tina Hollenbeck

Tina Hollenbeck has referred to herself as a homeschooling mom since the day her older child was born, and considers it pure joy to devote her energy to her two amazing daughters, ages 13 and 14. Before they were born, she spent nine years in the public/government school system teaching English to immigrant children and teens. She made a conscious daily choice to view her job as her mission field for that season of life, but her experience within the system convinced her husband and her that they would not subject their own children to it.

Tina has been involved in homeschool organizations for over 10 years and in recent years, she has become an advocate herself, endeavoring to promote homeschooling whenever she’s given the opportunity. She mentors and speaks on various topics related to homeschooling and healthy parenting.

In 2013, Tina launched an on-going research project in conjunction with her extensive knowledge of Common Core, to provide a database of detailed information about more than 2,000 homeschool resources and their connection to Common Core. She serves in various ministries as a writer, developer, mentor and speaker for homeschool and parent-related subjects.