A Classical Education? You’ve Got This!

Do you feel alone, anxious, or incapable of homeschooling your child, yet alone of giving him or her a classical education? You’re not alone! Many homeschool parents feel or have felt the same way! Anxiety stems from fear and fear from ignorance. Love of your child and of learning are the antidote to the fear at the root of your anxiety, and you already have both: a love of your child and of learning. Both are a natural part of you. “All humans by nature desire to know” (Aristotle). Your human; nothing human is alien to you (Terence). As for capability, is your child able to read? If not, are you? If you’re able to read (even if your child is not), you have all the capability you need for a classical education. You’ve got this! This is homeschooling. All you need is to read. Your alma mater is books. And so is your child’s. Now all you need to know is what to read and why. Again, you’re not alone! I’ve got you covered! You’ve got this! Let’s get you started!

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Christopher Hurtado

​Christopher Hurtado is an Adjunct Instructor of Liberal Arts and Natural Law at Monticello College, Adjunct Instructor of Composition and Rhetoric at Salt Lake Community College, Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy and Political Science at Utah Valley University, and President and CEO of Linguistic Solutions, the developer of the Learn Latin via Aesop's Fables method used at Monticello College, and a polyglot with varying degrees of fluency in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Greek, Latin, German, and Hebrew.

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