A Field Trip to Thanksgiving Point

This particular museum is an educational theme park!
A fascinating wonderland of academic playgrounds. The entrance fee is
pricier than I prefer, but in this case, I feel it was worth the price.

The moment we walked in, my children were awestruck with everything they
could see. In every direction the museum had a different themed section.
There was a WATERWORKS play area with interactive building projects, a
tornado simulator, running water, and a water table for babies/toddlers.
WARNING: Water runs freely in this room, and on the floor – If you do
not want to get wet, I suggest you stay away from this part. 😉 But the
kids loved it.

A section appropriately named KIDOPOLIS is a whole town for kids;
complete with a library, bank, music room, and theatre. The children can
roam freely throughout this mini world and explore their imaginations in
endless ways. My children enjoyed dressing up in costumes and putting on
a play with other kids in the theatre section. The kids were able to
choose theme music, background scenery, and work the stage lights.

The PLAYGROUND OF GEOMETRY encourages mathematical and spatial learning.
They provide a jungle gym of shapes, building blocks, and optical
illusions throughout this room.

The big favorite for my kids was the enormous RAINFOREST PLAYPLACE. At
the entrance we were met by a giant stone face, that reminded me of the
old TV show “Legends of the Hidden Temple.” This portion was filled with
rock walls, tunnels, bridges, obstacles courses, and slides. There were
several rooms of different themes and sections for various age groups.
And I even spotted a nursing booth for mothers near the toddler play
area, which I thought was nice. I have heard people can experience the
HIGH ROPES CANOPY COURSE with reservation, but we didn’t not participate
this time.

We ate lunch at the museum cafeteria. Normally I wouldn’t mention it,
but the food was delicious and very reasonably priced. Children’s
museums do not usually provide great options for food, so I was
pleasantly surprised.

Last, but not least, I recommend visiting the DISCOVERY GARDEN on the
side end of the museum. Outside, the children are able to enjoy the
fresh air, while adventuring through a hedge labyrinth and exploring
caves. I loved watching my kids lead me through the maze, reach dead
ends, and figure their way out by themselves. They also enjoyed
identifying the different types of animal sculptures they found around
the caves.

My words really don’t do this place justice! It must be seen and
experienced to be fully appreciated. But I must say that in every way,
this museum satisfies the mind’s curiosity of science. It is a place to
enhance the imagination, and to encourage engineers and innovators.

[1] https://thanksgivingpoint.org/curious