About HECOA:

Home Education Council of America (HECOA) facilitates resources for home educators across America to help you with practical training, planning your homeschool, transcripts and record keeping, networking, social activities, uplifting support, and more. Home educators need a strong unified organization, made up of individuals who are willing to incorporate good strong traditional family values with new ideas and take home education to new heights. We work with parents to help them understand all the educational options available to them, so they can make the best choice for their family. HECOA serves a diverse community of different faiths, beliefs, and backgrounds. 

Our Mission Statement:

Home Education Council of America will play a vital role in helping home educators personalize educational success for their children. We will accomplish this by exposing to parents the vast opportunities available to them to nurture creativity, innovation, individuality, and academic experiences. We assist groups and organizational leaders in strengthening home education programs and optional resources in their local areas.
Through various opportunities, parents will be able to unite across county and state lines for the common cause of promoting quality academic choices for home educators.


Home Education Council of America is funded solely through upgraded memberships and training programs. We do not participate in paid reviews, or earn from affiliate links or paid advertising on our site - with the exception of special events which may incur costs for the organization that our membership cannot sustain. When this is done, vendor pages are kept separate from posts. This way, you know that none of our posts are biased toward vendors.

HECOA Provides:

DIRECTOR: Jen Holmstrom