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Children who are labeled with learning challenges simply learn differently. Learn specific tips and strategies that will open the window of opportunity for teaching your child, making learning fun and increasing accuracy. Learn how to determine your child's learning
strength and how to implement these strengths into every area of curriculum.Parents, it is with reverence for all of you, that I have created a platform with YOU as the priority. I've curated 25 years of experience helping families with special needs overcome obstacles and one of the great observations that I've made, is that you, the parents - need to be reminded of your own heroism, and offer yourselves... Compassion to Create Change. it all begins within YOU. You will have at one click, a platform with on-the-go style modules, in realistic chunks of time, to fit your schedules.. when you want to learn about the latest life-changing technologies for learning, biohacks, book reviews, realistic nutritional guidance, hard-hitting interviews, downloadable lessons, and workbooks, master classes... all woven together with the often times forgotten thread of empowerment from within. It's a wonder how we can shift as an inclusive learning community once we recognize the value within self... JoQueta Handy, CCC-SLP, PhD, IMD is both an Integrative Medicine Doctor and a Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist who takes a holistic approach to learning — considering the whole child.
Dr. Handy has dedicated her career to helping children with autism overcome learning challenges. She has created an educational model that improves the quality of life for every child and gives parents hope that their child can achieve his full potential. Her extensive toolbox includes optimizing diet and balancing brain chemistry as well as innovative educational strategies designed to maximize each child’s academic potential.
Children have shown a 70% improvement after sixteen hours of one-on-one instruction using JoQueta's educational model.

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JoQueta Handy

JoQueta Handy, PhD, CCC-SLP, is an Integrative Medicine Doctor and Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist with twenty three years of experience working with children who have learning challenges.  She has worked with and advocated for homeschooling for 24 years.

Her philosophy is that every child is a brilliant learner in their own unique and beautiful way. It is Dr. Handy's goal to help each child to effectively learn in any environment no matter the level of learning challenge. She spends her time teaching children and coaching parents and educators how to see a child's gifts, his capacity to prosper and how to foster the best environment to succeed. While she loves one-to-one training, she really would like more people to learn these simple, effective teaching methods.

She has also designed and built 2 schools around one on one teaching based on her strong belief in the homeschool model for children with language processing issue.

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