Bully Proofing You: Taming The Bully Between Your Ears

Many times our worst bully lives between our ears. In this training you will learn how to stop internal bullies as well as external bullies. You will receive powerful tools that will help you be bully-proof for life.

More about Jeanie Cisco-Meth:

Jeanie Cisco-Meth

Jeanie Cisco-Meth wrote the book, "Bully Proofing You: Improving Confidence and Personal Value from the Inside Out."

She was a high school teacher for over 15 years and saw the devastation that can be caused by bullies. One simply has to look at news headlines to find evidence of the troubling problem which is affecting the lives of many people. Bullying is a global problem but the solution is individual. Her program is an engaging, step-by-step system to preventing and dealing with bullying, and is a powerful solution to this insidious problem.

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Shannon Whiteley says

The link to connect to Jeanie is not working 🙂

    Jen says

    Thank you Shannon! The link has been fixed.

joanna glaze says

When I click the link to purchase her book for $.99, I no longer see that as an option. Was it only for a short time? I just finished watching the replay.

    Jen says

    Yes, this was a limited time offer. Thank for letting us know. I will update the link.

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