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Skills for a Rockin Education

Presentation by Audrey Rindlisbacher  Years ago, when Audrey set out to get a liberal arts education, she asked what study skills she’d need to be successful. When no one had the answer, she determined to figure them out for herself. What she found were insights that helped her understand how to read and write in […]

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Teaching Elementary Science Using History as a Guide

A Presentation by Dr. Jay Wile  Dr Wile Says:  There are two main ways that science is taught today.  The first method, called the spiral approach, teaches a wide range of topics every year, and students spend a little time on each topic.  However, every few few years, the topics are revisited, and students learn […]

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Learn to Play Like Einstein With Science

Science Is Fun! Learn to “play” like Einstein with the ABC’s of science   Presentation by Dr. Rebecca Keller  Learning content is important. Kids need to know about atoms and the difference between force, energy, and work. But learning content covers only one aspect of doing real science. Dr. Keller will discuss the difference between […]

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