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Skip Middle School the Game Changer

This workshop was taught in the 2016 Ultimate Homeschool Bootcamp, April 2016.How can you turn 4 years of school into one preparation year? Discover how to leverage the time after 5th grade to prepare your children for higher learning, and completely skip middle school. Skipping middle school is NOT about rushing your kids through. It’s […]

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How To Skip Middle School NBTS 2015

This workshop will be taught in the 2015 Not Back to School Summit – REGISTER HERE for FREE live access!Why do children get “bored” in middle school or high school? In this eye-opening presentation, learn why we have middle school and how as homeschoolers you are positioned to give your children a huge advantage in their […]

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Is Middle School a Waste of Time?

[osd_social_media_sharing] Three years.  That's how long middle school is.  By the time a child reaches middle school, they typically have a pretty firm foundation in grammar and vocabulary, sentence structure, and the basics of writing an essay.  Especially with today's "new" teaching methods. Bookmark

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